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Meet Jennifer Mead, DVM, CVA, CCRP

This is Millie, my first ever rehabilitation patient

About Me:

I got into veterinary medicine, like my colleagues, to help animals and their people. The long hours studying and the lack of sleep was always secondary to the joy of learning and helping animals. I graduated in 2009 from Oklahoma State University, did a year- long internship in Michigan and then started at a general practice in Kent Washington. I then moved to Silverdale and began working in an ER there.  

I developed an interest in rehabilitation therapy in vet school. My interest started when one of the surgical patients under my care who had unilateral hip surgery was admitted to the ICU to recover so that her second hip could be repaired at a later time. When I took over her case, she was a week post op and was not bearing weight on her legs yet. Few people were really advocating rehabilitation at that time, so I researched what I could and made her a program. 2 1/2 weeks later, much to my delight and the surgeon’s surprise, she was walking well enough to have the surgery on the other hip. 

I was introduced to acupuncture in my internship but in relation to treating cancer patients, I knew that this modality could be helpful for pain and began to look for a program to attend. While working full time as an ER vet, I pursued additional training in veterinary acupuncture and then in canine rehabilitation. I have found the mix of eastern and western medicine to be a very rewarding way to practice and my patients have definitely benefited from this as well. I continue to learn from every patient and every case which makes the field more exciting for me. I am continuing my training in rehabilitation medicine and will complete a musculoskeletal ultrasound course and additional manual therapy courses in the future. There are also additional herbal, food therapy, and Chinese massage courses that will complete my certification as a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Doctor. 

I do understand that people can be skeptical about new ideas especially when they are difficult to explain in a traditional way, but if treatment that you are trying are not working and your pet is still painful, what have you got to lose? I have had several clients that were simply trying this because they were at a loss about what to do for their pet, and were very pleased with the results. Not all dogs or cats, like not all people, respond to acupuncture, but we won’t know until we try. I look forward to meeting you and helping to take care of your best friend and beloved family member

I am an Experienced Veterinarian

I am very familiar with the pain and stresses of surgery, trauma, aging and disease processes not only on the patient but on the family as well.  This is why I wanted to pursue advanced training, to offer alternatives to long term medications and so that the owners out be able to do things at home to improve their pets lives.  I have completed training in fear free and use this concept at every appointment


A Integrated/Collaborative Approach

I will work with your veterinarian to make sure your pet receives the best integrated care.  However, I will not administer vaccines, prescribe flea medications, write health certificates, etc. For that and wellness recommendations, you will be referred back to your veterinarian for care.  I will discuss nutrition recommendations and supplements that I feel may help your pet and send those recommendations along with update letters to your veterinarian so they are always informed. 

About the Services



Acupuncture as been used for centuries for pain relief. It was used in animals early on to keep them healthy enough to plow the fields. Placement of the needles in certain "points" releases endorphins and anti inflammatory chemicals and in eastern philosophy moves Qi (chee) and helps to restore balance which restores health. Most pets relax and enjoy their treatment, especially since they are distracted with tasty frozen treats. Even cats can benefit and actually enjoy their treatments.  

Rehabilitation Therapy


Just like in humans, physical therapy helps to restore movement and keep our pets more mobile following surgery or trauma.  Physical therapy has also been shown to help with pain relief in our aging pets and it keeps our superior athletes at the top of their game. The phrase rehabilitation therapy is used instead of physical therapy as the latter term refers to humans only.  After a thorough physical exam, including joint range of motion, an individualized exercise program will be made for your pet and emailed to you after the visit. 

Laser Therapy


This is the newest "kid on the block" Laser, (cold laser photobiomodulation or low level light therapy), is used to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate wound healing and tissue regeneration.  Certain parts of the body's cells respond to different wavelengths of light. The laser uses infrared wavelengths to stimulate fibrin, tissue cells, chemical mediators that help reduce pain.  This treatment has proven very effective in reducing pain and inflammation from arthritis, trauma; helping wounds heal faster and it is showing some promise in helping non healing fractures of the bones heal faster.  

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